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Things to do near Puerto Escondido

If you decide to travel to Puerto Escondido there are a lot of things you can do close to the city. You can visit the archeological areas of the state, jump into a fresh water river, practice salsa and other Latin rhythms, you can find many empty beaches and surf secret spots, eat fresh seafood, wakeboard, swim in the lagoon full of bioluminescence and a lot more. Below you see some of our recommendations.

1st recommendation - Chacahua

A great spot to relax, surf and camp. If you want to take a break from the outside world and all the hustling, that is your place. In Chacahua the cellphone reception is not working so it will be impossible for other people to contact you, isn´t it great. Chacahua has one fun right point break for every level of surfer and a beach break for more advanced ones. Near Chacahua you can also visit a little crocodile zoo.


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 1 hour and a half (car and boat)

Surf, learn Spanish, excursions, Chacahua, surf trip

2nd recommendation - San José del Pacifico

In this mountain village the visitors are able to enjoy the tranquility and the harmony given by the nature and the amazing landscapes. You can make tours in the forest, go hiking, take traditional Temazcal baths, relax by the fire place of your cabin, drink organic coffee from the area and just have a great time.


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 3 hours by car

3rd recommendation - Monte Alban and Oaxaca

The state of Oaxaca is full of acheological destinations but Monte Alban is probably the most visited and biggest. The whole city of Oaxaca holds in a lot of culture, history and traditions so there are plenty of museums and places to visit. We can recommend you a place where to stay and where to go eat in order to have the most autentic experience in the city.


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 7 hours by car

4th recommendation - Cascada de Reforma

A super cool day trip or one night trip is to go to the waterfalls of Reforma. The fresh river gives a nice change to the warm ocean water. There is a spot where you can practice your jumping styles and take nice cool swims in the natural pools. If you are interested in heavy mountain bicycling you can go on a bike excursion to the waterfalls which takes you all morning. By the waterfalls you can rent cabañas, bring your own picnic or have lunch in the restaurant. The entrance fee is $ 10 pesos for adults and $ 5 pesos for children.


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 1 hour by car

5th recommendation - Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is about 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido. We definitely recommend you to visit this empty beach with natural pools and white sand. For lunch you can have fresh oysters and cold coconut water. The beach is also good for surfing when the swell and the winds are favourable.


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 45 minutes by car

6th recommendation - Mazunte

This is a great place to get away from it all and it's located just one hour away from Puerto by car. Playa Mazunte is home to an impressive turtle museum - the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga. Playa Mazunte is a quiet beach that has been discovered by the traveller underground. If you want to stay there you can find some simple rooms for affordable price. We also recommend Posada del Arquitecto in Mazunte. The town is full of little restaurants and some nice bakeries. There is also a famous Natural Store that a traveler can find unique. 


Distance from Puerto Escondido - 1 hour by car

7th recommendation - Escobilla

Tour to see the fantastic event of marine turtles laying eggs on the beach. During the excursion you will see thousands of these incredible animals that are being preserved in Oaxaca. Travelers can also take part in the preservation projects during the season.



The video taken by Ave Centellas. See other videos here

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