"Can't thank you enough for the Spanish lessons over the last 2 months. Your teaching style was ideal, very convenient to people traveling through Puerto Escondido. I went from knowing basically zero Spanish to being comfortable in a conversation setting. Our trips to the market were very useful and were some of my favorite classes. Through your classes I made some great friends with other traveling students and we were able to practice our spanish together. All around your classes were a great experience, it made learning fun! Hope to get back to Puerto Escondido soon. Mucho gusto"

— Mark Gilmartin from New Jersey, USA.

"I took a few classes in Languageland, and the way the teachers taught was very effective and laid back. Our meetings felt less like a Spanish lesson, and more like a fun and simple conversation between friends. My teachers gave me very targeted feedback, but also ensured that his corrections were easy to implement and weren't overwhelming. Overall, I definitely benefited from my classes - so much that I still opted to pay for classes when I started working there!"

— Olga Dyakova from Boston, USA. (photo above)

"The Spanish classes I took in Languageland were not only practical but fun and interesting too. The classes were conversation based, with a little grammar of course, and really helped me to get around, order food etc. I even managed to handle a visit to the Post Office in my second week!!"

— Elizabeth Jimmieson from Australia

"Oscar and Tuuli are great! Their school is an excellent way to get out of your shell and learn something new and invigorating. My teachers made learning Spanish fun, personable and enjoyable. I would recommend these classes and the school to anyone in the Puerto Escondido area who is looking to learn and improve their Spanish or whatever language they want to learn. You will never learn by sitting around all day, go visit their school today and have fun by learning a new language!!! Stay calm and learn Spanish!"

— Thomas Wolfmüller from New Jersey, USA. (photo on the right)

"I would like to start my review of Languageland by sharing that this is the ONLY ONE out of three Spanish Immersion Programs in which I truly feel that I have improved my goals of speaking successful Spanish conversations in my work place in a culturally competent and accurate way. My program manager Oscar Silva had the unique experience of teaching university-level students in both the United States and Mexico. We were in contact months before my stay in Mexico so he could educate himself on my workplace, the culture, and the Spanish conversations I wanted to perfect with him, a native Mexican. He opened my eyes to Mexican Culture, helped improve my quality of conversation with Mexican families, and was simply a joy to talk to on a number of political and historical discussions.


Both of my professors at Languageland (Oscar and Rebeca) and the lovely Languageland Coordinator (Tuuli) went above and beyond to provide everything I wanted, needed, and more. I am still so appreciative of what they have done for me, and how welcoming they were from the get-go. They honestly treated me like a friend from the start. I still consider them some of the greatest people I know, and I think that no matter what type of fit you think you may be within their program, they will find a way to meet your needs and make your experience in Puerto Escondido completely worthwhile.


At the very least, contact them for more information if you are interested in Spanish Immersion in a beautiful, culture-rich coastland in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s still one of my favorite regions on Earth!"

— Kate Doherty from Austin, Texas, USA. (photo above)

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