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Surfing in Puerto Escondido

The town is special because it offers conditions from the professional big wave riders to the very beginners. The wave season starts around May and finishes around October, but the Pacific ocean keeps sending swells through the whole year. However, if you wish to surf big waves in Zicatela you should plan your trip for the summer period. For learners and intermediate surfers there are always some fun waves, only few days a year I could say Zicatela turns into a very big pool. 

Zicatela beach

According to experts it is the best beach break in the world. So much so that U.S. surfers call it the "Mexpipe" or the "Mexican Pipeline". Along Zicatela the visitors also find surf shops, restaurants and some bars, too. Most time of the year the beach is not allowed for swimmers for its strong currents and heavy waves. However, the pro surfers could not be happier elsewhere. 

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La Punta

The the very end of Zicatela is a left point break with beautiful waves for different levels. In small days beginners can have their lessons in the inside of the break, and on big days better surfers will have long and incredibly strong waves to catch. The problem is that there are always a lot of people, and you need to pick a good time of the day to go in the water. In la Punta area there are a lot of nice little hostels, restaurants and rental houses.

Surf, learn Spanish, excursions, Chacahua, surf trip
Carrizalillo beach

This beach has two point breaks, a right and a left. During the summer season, there are good and fun waves almost every day. Everybody can enjoy this beach, kids, adults, beginners or experienced surfers. Most of the surf classes are held on this beach. You can also swim, snorkel or spear fish in this bay. The beach access at Carrizalillo is down a very long and steep staircase so be prepared to carry your board :) 

Punta Colorada

Punta Colorada serves up peaky hollow barrels for bodyboarders and surfers. The wave alone brings thousands of bodyboarders into Puerto each year. Plus that wave is a breeding ground for up-coming Mexican bodyboarders as it helps to shape the future for bodyboarding in Mexico. This beach is designed for the local residents and I think that they like it being well hidden. But the taxi drivers know the way. The beach is in front of the airport.


Chacahua is a very isolated in many ways. Sometimes it seems as though time has stood still in the village situated on a point inaccessible by car. To get there you take a 30 min boat ride through the mangrove lagoon. The wave is a full-on barreling on the right swell and it will take you on the quarter mile ride of your life. I think the best thing in Chacahua are the mornings and the amazing sunrises.

Barra de la Cruz

This perfect sand bottom right hand point is a two hour drive to the south, and is geared to the more intermediate/advanced surfers. There is an amazing palapa at the beach with great food and cold beverages for all day surf junkies. During spring time with good south swells, Barra de la Cruz is one of the top picks for the perfect surf and luxury getaway




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