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Languageland Teaching methology

The main objective of our Spanish courses is to improve your communication skills. This could sound obvious but in practice it can simply be forgotten because it is easier to teach through repetition and memorization, focusing on grammar rules and structure instead of aiming to fulfill the real purpose of language: communication. The emphasis in each class is placed on the development of student's abilities to speak and understand spoken Spanish.


We do not just want you to know Spanish, we want you to use it! Language is a practical skill you have to acquire, not just something you need to learn. That is why our teaching method focuses on the development of the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading & writing.

Communicative Teaching Methodology
  • Language teaching method's main objective:
    the improvement of students’ communication skills.

  • An interactive and dynamic methodology:
    which brings real communicative situations into the classroom to help you have fun and enjoy the learning process.

  • A task based focus:
    a highly practical approach that reflects how language really happens in everyday life.

  • Activities:
    learn Spanish in the way we really use it.

  • Language exchange with local English students free of charge:
    To encourage the students to speak we organize one hour dates between our Mexican students who are learning English and the foreign students. This way both students can be in direct contact with the language and hear other people besides the teacher. Having personal contact with the language, practicing sounds, improvising and trying to make your own sentences and getting the chance to make mistakes is the best way to practice and learn a language. 

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Benefits and general facts of One to One Spanish lessons.

  • The first advantage of having a Spanish teacher for yourself is obvious: you have the teacher just for you, no one else is in the class and you can focus on your particular needs without worrying about the needs of other classmates.

  • Some students feel more comfortable in the environment of a Private Spanish Class.

  • Private courses are especially beneficial for students who need to develop specific language skills in the shortest timeframe possible.

  • When a student will only be in Puerto Escondido for a couple of days it will be easier to enroll for short private courses.

  • There are many of us who require the guidance of a private Spanish tutor just because the way we learn. Some students have a more difficult time with their conversational or listening skills, therefore, they will highly benefit from having private Spanish lessons to effectively learn Spanish.

  • During the One to One Spanish class we give our students the opportunity to practice their Spanish in real situations: at local shops, at the market, restaurants and many other places where students can interact with other Spanish speakers.

  • Private Spanish lessons can take place in the morning or in the afternoons, from Monday to Saturday (8 am – 6 pm**). You can decide to have between 2 and 4 hours of One to One Spanish lessons each day. 

Why to learn Spanish
  • Probably the most outstanding reason is because learning is fun. To learn Spanish will broaden your horizon and it will take you to places.

  • Make new friends at home and abroad. Spanish makes travelling a lot easier and you are able to connect with the culture a lot more.

  • Develop a skill that could help expand your business, get you promoted or change your career. 

  • Spanishspeaking countries offer exciting business opportunities.

  • Spanish is the most important vehicle after English for international communication.

  • Communicate with more than 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish

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